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  • andrewsfusco
    Nov 28 7:07 AM
      Dear Steve: The masterplan that has been published
      calls for the construction a large, fancy, resort at the base
      of what use to be called Little Gore (next to what is
      now the North Creek tubing park), then building a
      new lift (over the town dump, which will have to be
      moved, I guess) to connect the resort and Little Gore
      with Gore. Ski/vacation trains would run from
      New York City to North Creek, the masterplan says,
      with riders bused the final mile from the station to
      the resort. The whole idea was to steal customers
      from the Killington Ski Train deal ( which has been a
      surprising success, according to reports) and keep
      the money in New York.

      The developers had a ton of the dough promised
      when Pataki was Governor (he's a Gore season pass
      holder), but Spitzer has put the brakes on things
      for the moment---including the money to upgrade
      the track to accomodate passenger trains instead
      of tourist trains.

      Gino's picture is of track repair of washouts so that
      the line can resume low speed use. There is a freight
      user in Corinth and the tourist line has touted a
      ski train from Saratoga to Gore.

      So while the big picture may be quashed by Spitzer
      (unless they somehow figure a tennis dome into the
      development), at least the hope of tourist/ski trains
      out of Saratoga are probable. ---Andy

      --- In FJGRailroad@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen G. Myers" <Knixrule1@...> wrote:
      > Gino's pic is of repair work
      > being performed on the former
      > D&H Saratoga to North Creek branch,
      > made famous as the place where
      > Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as
      > President. Nice job Gino. Just a
      > matter of time before this line is
      > reopened and before those of us who are
      > snow folks can ride an honest to
      > gosh ski train to Gore.---Andy Fusco
      > What have I missed out on? I thought the North Creek line was a
      > tourist railroad owned by Reigel of Selkirk? Are we upgrading it for
      > Slamtrack use? What route will they use?
      > Steve
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