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12916RE: [FJGRailroad ]Indepedent Leather

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  • Dicarlo, Gino
    Oct 16, 2007
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      My step-father worked at Independent Leather out of high school.  He said he used to fall through the floor about once a week.  It was due to the sweat-shop conditions of the place that sent him to college, then the Air-Force...

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      Hi Dave,

      Independent Leather was about a mile up the mainline from the switch
      serving Lee Dye. Their switch was just north of the switch that served
      the Burr Hill area industries and they were only about 30 feet from the
      mainline. If you look at the "UnknownIndustry2" shot I posted,
      Independent would have been straddling the creek just about the "H" in
      Hill Street.

      Paul :-)

      Dave Brennan wrote:

      > Paul
      > Is this not where Independant Leather was? Now all gone and EPA
      > Maybe it was Lee Dye earlier ?
      > Dave

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