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12727Fonda Buildings

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  • Paul Charland
    Jul 2, 2007
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      Hi All,

      I need a bit of help with three buildings on the south side of the track
      along the south end of Broadway.

      The first is just to the southwest of the crossing about 80 feet long
      with a small addition to the west end. Appears to have three large
      garage doors on the south side, looks to be white.

      The second is south of the first on the west side of Broadway. Appears
      to be res with white trim, about 100 feet long and 80 feet wide, has
      narrower extensions on each end to total about 280 feet long. Also
      appears to have a garage door at each end of the main building like you
      could drive through it.

      Third building it at the south east end of Broadway, big building, about
      100 feet wide by 320 feet deep. There appears to be an office on the
      north end and about 300 feet of garage doors on the west side going down
      the rest of the length. From what I can see on the Google Earth shot
      the roof above the garage doors tapers inward on both sides before
      becoming a flat roof. Looks like maybe the Highway Department? Across
      the road there looks like a truck scales and maybe corrugated metal
      culverts stacked at the west end of the yard.

      I'm wondering what each is, an idea of when they would have been built,
      and if the odd roof above the garage doors along the third building is
      really tapers as it appears to be from the aerial shot on Google Earth.

      Thanks for the help.

      Paul :-)
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