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  • Paul Larner
    May 28, 2007
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      The only thing at Sandbank is the sand. The rest has been history for some time.

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      CSX shuffling cars in Sandbank?


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      I was upstate in Johnstown this weekend where I managed to get the John
      Deere stuck in the mud. On the way back home today i was pleased to see
      Guilford # 54 coupled long hood east to a consist at Rotterdam Junction.

      This was probably just the local coupled to the road power. The consist
      was 54, 317,347 and 690. By the way Guilford pang for a new trailer at
      RJ that they leased from William Scotsman.

      Further along I saw one of the GE units outside the plant but could not
      see the number because of the height of the guardrail.

      At the old Sandbank yard I spotted CSX 6201 shuffling cars.

      As I passed Kenwood I saw CP 7308 sitting by the yard office with that
      Wide Vision caboose. The northbound intermodal left town around 11:30
      but I did not see the power as the kids and I were touring the Destroyer
      Escort down by Dutch Apple Cruises. FWIW I recommend a visit to that
      ship. For the five of us the admission was 29 bucks, not cheap, but not
      like going to Yankee Stadium either. They give a nice guided tour and
      the ship has been nicely restored.... ....except that I was below deck
      when the Intermodal left town.
      I could hear it but not see it.

      Some tid bits from my journey home.

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