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  • Paul Charland
    May 22, 2007
      Hi Gino,

      Yes I did model that church for the 3PI layout but now I need to draw
      things like doors and windows and put them in appropriate places! The
      red paint through me off, I couldn't figure out why anyone would paint
      what looked like a long abandoned building. Boarded up windows are
      easier to draw then stained glass any old day!

      Paul :-)

      Gino's Railpage wrote:
      > The church in the picture on Pete's page is the old one that was right
      > across from
      > the apartment buildings you talk about. Didn't you model that building in
      > 3PI? I think
      > you did! Someone may have thown some red paint on it in the late 80's. I
      > can't remember
      > that church ever in operation in the time I lived in the area...
      > Gino
      > On 5/22/07, Paul Charland <p.charlie@...> wrote:
      >> Hi All,
      >> I'm wondering if OLD ST. CECILIA'S church that once stood in Fonda on Rt
      >> 5 is the same church that was across the road from the red apartment
      >> buildings that were next to the NYC freighthouse. I have a photo from
      >> about 1986 that show a white brick church that looks abandoned that
      >> looks similar but not 100% convinced they are one and the same.
      >> http://www.lostlandmarks.org/fondagrange.html
      >> If not, does anyone have a rough idea when the church across from the
      >> apartments closed?
      >> Paul :-)
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