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  • Gino's Railpage
    Apr 3, 2007
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      Here's some info that someone sent me dealing with the FJ&G repairing
      an Arcade and Attica Railroad...

      In October of 1974, Walter Rich, Bernie Cahill and Marty Belmont were
      present at the meeting. They were there to look over engine 111.
      Discussion of two D17000 blocks purchased from Winter Service of North
      Collins and parts from Syracuse Supply was had. It was suggested that
      the locomotive and parts be moved to the FJ&G for tear down

      At a meeting on 10-23-1974 it was stated that 111 was in Gloversville
      (PC had moved it there).

      At he meeting of 12-14-1974 it was reported that the old motors were
      to be replaced by the ones purchased from Winters.

      Then in 1-15-1975 it was stated that engine 111 left Gloversville on
      1-14-1975 and the cost of repairs was $6,910.50 Discussion of repairs
      to 110 were had and deferred to spring. It was stated that the old
      motors from 111 should be repaired.

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