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    Mar 20, 2007
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      Railroad may want more money

      By: Michael McGuire, Sun Staff Writer

      Published on: Monday, March 19, 2007

      NORWICH – A state economic development agency claims the New York
      Susquehanna & Western railroad has received $4 million in state
      Department of Transportation money since 2000 to repair possibly
      soon-to-be-abandoned tracks, and is now asking for $5.4 million more.
      $5 million of the latest request is to reportedly make upgrades for
      passenger train service between Utica and Binghamton, with $400,000
      for flood repairs between Sherburne and Chenango Forks.

      The figures were disclosed in a March 6 letter sent to City of Norwich
      Mayor Joseph Maiurano from the Empire State Development Corporation's
      downstate Chairman, Patrick Foye.

      An NYS&W representative claims he can not confirm if the new $5.4
      million bail-out plea was made, admitting the figures don't add-up.

      "You can't start passenger service for $5 million dollars," said NYS&W
      attorney Nathan Fenno, explaining that the sum supposedly asked for
      would never cover costs for passenger cars or the new stations that
      would be needed. "I'm not aware of it (the request), that doesn't mean
      it didn't happened."

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