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12410Lakes Cut Bottleneck

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  • Saul Kalbfeld
    Feb 17, 2007
      The Leader articles are fascinating, with lots of extraneous information. Looks like the cut was the bottleneck for the whole line. The shovel plow #1 was pretty useless since it did not push the snow off to the side as a wedge plow would. I imagine the cut was too narrow to push the snow off to the side of the track anyway. The line's engines were not up to the task, with light 4-4-0's and 2-6-0's having far too little tractive effort. Anything the NYC could have sent up probably would have been too heavy. Like a 2-8-2 and a wedge or rotary. Actually a rotary would have done the trick but I am sure they were all busy at home on the NYC tracks. What were they thinking, dispatching that train in the first place. If I had been a member of the traveling public I'd have holed up in the Kingsborough Hotel in a room with lots of steam heat.
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