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1235Re: [FJGRailroad] Spur in 1982

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    May 5, 2000

      Coleco was shipping their Adam Computers and Coleco vision game consoles
      out of the Patch Road Plant. (Broadalbin Junction) The FJG (DO) was
      keeping their engine up there from 83 on because someone started a fire
      in the cab when it was parked by the freight house. Speaking of fires,
      someone set one of the DO boxcars located at Patch Road on fire one
      Saturday afternoon, but the car was way in the woods and the Fire Dept
      couldnt get to it. A train crew had to come up and pull the cars out
      of the woods. As for Coleco, the plant that was on Lincoln Street
      didn't have rail service at the time of the abandonment. I know the
      Amsterdam Main plant was shipping on the AC&N in the 80s.

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