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1234Re: [FJGRailroad] Spur in 1982

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  • Paul Charland
    May 5, 2000
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      Hi Saul,

      How about those Leafs!

      Back in the early '80, Coleco had a big hit with Cabbage Patch Kids, then
      entered the home entertainment market with Coleco-Vision. Coleco-Vision was
      a good product, and could have easily competed with Atari and Mattel, but
      Coleco tied their product up with the promise of a home computer named
      Adam. Coleco promised customers that 'by next Christmas' they would have a
      64K computer that would plug into Coleco-Vision, sinking nearly all of the
      company's resources into R&D. In a rush to get Adam on the market before
      Christmas, they produced a computer with a few significant bugs. When work
      spread about the bugs, sales disappeared, and Coleco Industries filed for
      bankruptcy shortly after Christmas.


      Saul Kalbfeld wrote:

      > Sounds like they were desperate, building that spur only 2 years
      > before operations ended. What was happening with Coleco at that time,
      > actually, what's in the original Coleco building now?
      > Saul
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