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1233Re: [FJGRailroad] Spur in 1982

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  • Aaron Keller
    May 5, 2000
      It has been a few different things since. It was BuddyL and then SLM and it
      was vacant until about my Senior year in high school. I have heard that
      someplace bought it and took all the machines out and moved them down south
      or something like that. Is it still vacant? Last I remember when I
      graduated from high school in 1998 it was still vacant.


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      Date: Friday, May 05, 2000 6:00 PM
      Subject: [FJGRailroad] Spur in 1982

      >Sounds like they were desperate, building that spur only 2 years
      >before operations ended. What was happening with Coleco at that time,
      >actually, what's in the original Coleco building now?
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