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  • Gino's Railpage
    Nov 15, 2006
      Don't get me daydreaming Mark!!!!  The last I heard anything was back in 2000 when
      Benjamin Moore said they wanted rail service.  Of course, they want the state to pay
      for it and the chances of them re-building the FJ&G from Fonda to Johnstown is slim
      to none.  Paul Larner says the High-Bridge would never hold an engine these days, even
      though he begged me to drive my SUV over it!  (Yes, my SUV and a diesel engine
      are in TWO, totally different weight classes!!!)

      I've never heard of a plastic plant being in the industrial park!  Don't forget, the industrial
      plant is beyond the Walmart Distribution Center which was planted smack dab in the
      middle of the ROW!!!!  I can't imagine the logistics of re-building around that place!
      The ROW is in pretty good shape, running a track up probably wouldn't be too difficult,
      but the High-Bridge and Walmart present more problems!

      The last I remember, the County was really itchy to pave the Bike Trail down to Fonda.
      Anyone have any current info on that?


      On 11/14/06, mwilber2001 <mwilber2001@...> wrote:

      Anyone hear anything about a possibilty of laying track from Fonda to
      the industrial park in Johnstown? I first heard it I thought it was
      just non-sense,but then I heard it from a reliable source.Is there a
      plastic co. nearby the industrial park? Mark

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