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12097From The Archives Conrail MofW part 3

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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Sep 12, 2006
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      As I mentioned earlier the Harmon shops were not airconditioned so it was
      awfully warm up there after lunch. The second day seemed kind of slow to me
      but finally after lunch they took us out into the yard. One of the lessons
      was never place your limbs between moving track parts. We went over to the
      end of Ladder E which was a series of switches in Harmon Yard and the
      foreman called on the radio to HM tower to have then throw the switch. We
      watched as the points moved over. Remember these are big heavy pieces of
      steel and they seemed to move effortlessly, Then the foreman threw a piece
      of 2x4 between the points and called for the tower to throw the switch
      again. The wood was crushed between the point and the rail.

      Then we all walked over to this big pile of rail. The foreman asked in a
      most condescending tone, could anyone tell him what the markings on the rail
      meant. I had stayed quiet for two days but could not stand it any longer. I
      stepped through the crowd and examined the rail. Why yes, I said. That is
      127 pound Lackawana with hardened ends.

      Now when I tell you that this guy looked pissed off I am not exagerating.

      He was flabergasted that any of these dummys would know anything. Remember
      with the M Form they were running all over the place.

      How did you know that he demanded !

      I worked on the Sperry Car last year I replied.

      Suddenly I was a celebrity. All the white hats gathered around me...........