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12064Re: Most Eventful Night!!!

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  • Robert Schoneman
    Aug 19, 2006
      ....and they say in pregnancy, women do all the work. Who's your agent Gino? Saw the article out of Albany on the web.
      Next, Gino will be asking for royalties...
      Methinks the NYS troopers ought to get cigars, at least. And the purple pet they gave you as well- remember, it's your DAUGHTERS; timeshare Gino, timeshare.
      Part of being a good parent is early bonding skills. So, stop in over at your favorite hobby shop or on the web, ASAP and see how she likes the colors blue and grey. HO scale, maybe?
      Heck, paint the baby's room with a yellow lightning bolt.
      My personal preference is a Hiawatha Indian logo, but...
      and they wonder why I'm still single.
      Congratulations to your wife for doing all the real hard work. 
      ( wondering if she will get 15 mins of fame in all of this )
      Bob Schoneman
      Appleton, WI
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