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12051Re: [FJGRailroad] Most Eventful Night!!!

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  • Gino's Railpage
    Aug 15, 2006
      Thanks to everyone on the group who sent their well wishes!!!  Gianna is doing great and is coming home tomorrow!   I will take the van to pick here up!  The SUV needs some detailing!

      On 8/15/06, Richard Finn <rafinn@...> wrote:


      Wow, what a special experience!  There is nothing like a new child, but it has to be very special to have the role that you played.

      We are happy that all are doing well.  Congratulations and best wishes to all of you.

      Sandy and Dick Finn

      On Aug 14, 2006, at 10:49 PM, Gino's Railpage wrote:

      Wow, I knew that anytime your wife is pregnant, anything could
      happen, but this is too much!

      I was rousted by wife last night at 1 am. She said it was time and
      WAKE UP! I quickly called a friend to watch out sons who were long
      asleep and we proceeded to head south a 1:20. Here's the deal. He
      live in Saratoga Springs, but wife's doctor is a resident at St.
      Peter's hospital 40 miles away. Our last two births were very close.
      Just about registering and then my wife giving birth. No long labor

      That all changed this morning. Even doing 85 down the Northway at
      1:30am and making it to Albany in 15 minutes, my wife's contractions
      at 2 minutes apart could only mean one thing. That baby was coming

      Mile Marker 1.5 will always be special to us. That's where a NYS
      State Trooper and myself delivered out 8 pound baby girl. The funny
      thing is that I worked all day Sunday and my co-workers told me to
      name my baby after the Trooper that was gonna help me. Who knew this
      would come true!

      Well, we didn't name the baby after the nice (female) trooper, but she
      was very excited and even paid a visit to us at the hospital. She
      took pictures of the first baby she ever delivered...

      It's time for me to get some sleep after being awake since yesterday
      morning at 6 (save for a couple hours here and there) and mother and
      baby Gianna Kathryn DiCarlo are all doing well!

      Now you can say you know someone who's delivered their baby on the
      side of the road. Oh, it was 1:54 am on Monday August the 14th...

      (Totally Exhausted)


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