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12010Hello ! Im Back !!!

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  • mwilber2001
    Aug 4, 2006
      After spending the last 5 weeks in a upside down world,Im back on. The
      night of June 27th,we were awaken by the Fire department to evacuate
      our home due to flash flooding.We did have time to take clothing and
      blankets with us. We lost about 85% of our personal belongings. We
      slept on a gym floor with a rubber mat for 3 nights.Power and running
      water was also lost.The village of Bainbridge was isolated with no way
      to get in or out of this village for a few days.National Guard came in
      to help us out.The section of I88 that collasped with the truck drivers
      killed,happen a few miles from us. The American Red Cross was
      unbelievable,outstanding help. We stayed with friends for a few weeks
      that also gave up their home and beds for us. We are now back living in
      Cooperstown in a house that my brother and I owned.I still work in
      Binghamton and Staying in a motel for 4 nights a week,then drive home
      to C'town on the weekends.Anything new on the FJG news?
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