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11934Re: Lease units

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  • oleroadslug
    Jun 25, 2006
      > Arcade & Attica 44-tonner #111 was rebuilt while on the FJ&G; yes, my
      > understanding is that it was tested while on the FJ&G.
      > -Aaron
      Though I remember the very last days of the FJ&G and all the greenish
      blue PC cars by 30A and around town, as well as the facilities; it is
      hard for me to fathom FJ&G fixing anything due to size and facilities

      Though 44 tonners were small, did the road do all their major repair of
      the two locos or farm it out?

      Bob Schoneman
      Appleton, WI

      Wishing I was swimming in Sacandaga about now.
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