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11822Re: [FJGRailroad] Re: Mohawk Mills Smokestack: Help a Green Bay Packer Fan

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  • Gerald Snyder
    May 8 8:23 PM
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      Neither one. The stack that came down was the one at
      the steam plant of the upper Mohawk Mills complex,
      which was the old McCleary, Wallin, and Crouse Mills.
      Upon McCleary's death in 1920 his partners sold out to
      the Shuttleworth brothers (that was the original
      Shuttleworth complex down by the CSX tracks, the
      "lower mills") and Mohawk ended up with two massive
      mill complexes in the city. The big white building you
      see from Rt. 67 was part of the Sanford Carpet Mills,
      the other major carpet manufacturer in Amsterdam.
      Chances are that if you were only on Rts. 30 and 67
      you never saw the upper mills. The steam plant is at
      the far left in the attached view. The larger stack
      is the one just felled; the smaller went down with the
      first big fire in the early 90's. The trestle in the
      lower left is the Amsterdam, Chuctanunda, and Northern
      line going into the mills. Just off the view to the
      left the line split and the coaling trestle ran along
      the back side of the steam plant.

      --- oleroadslug <suds@...> wrote:

      > Help a WHAT?
      > ( P.S. Brett Farve is coming back this year, so you
      > guys will have
      > all the intereptions you can handle)
      > Anyhow, help me out:
      > Been 12+ years since I've been through Amsterdam. Is
      > this the old
      > Mohawk Carpet Facility, by the NYC/Conrail/CSX main
      > and the river?
      > Trying to place this.
      > OR:
      > Is the the big white facility as your just starting
      > up the hill or
      > so, from downtown Amsterdam on 30; where it S curves
      > a bit before
      > the first stop light heading north. The creek flowed
      > under it.
      > IF:
      > It is either one of those two, I see progress still
      > moves REAL FAST
      > out there. ;-) However, I am saddened too. Coming
      > up on the
      > Thruway for the 30 + years we did to Northville and
      > Sacandaga, the
      > Mohawk Carpet complex was the first sign we (as
      > kids) were getting
      > close to paradise from NJ.
      > Yes, the VW is a classic.
      > Regards,
      > Bob Schoneman
      > Appleton, WI

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