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11818Re: [FJGRailroad] Mohawk Mills Smokestack

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  • Gerald Snyder
    May 5, 2006
      I believe the stack you are talking about Pete is the
      old Yund, Kennedy, and Yund mill powerhouse stack down
      in the east end by the CSX tracks. Amsterdam has a
      lot of them around. I decided a good project for a
      warm day this summer will be to do a photo safari of
      them before the city decides to inflict any more
      progress on our industrial heritage. And as far as
      the car goes, that's an advertisement for Dudka's
      Garage on Ann street. The Volkswagen Beetle is
      sitting on top of the stack for the old International
      Felt powerhouse. They never did get a permit to do
      that, just put it up there. When it first went up
      they used to have the headlights on at night. I'm
      surprised that that stack hasn't come down by itself
      with all of the extra weight and added wind resistance
      up there. Should be an interesting liability case
      when someone gets a Volkswagen through their roof some
      --- choochoo1802@... wrote:

      > Talking about monumentals in Amsterdam,is that car
      > still sits on top of
      > that tall building? Who parked it there? Mark

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