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11700RE: [FJGRailroad] Sperry Car

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  • paul larner
    Mar 6, 2006
      Perhaps after the company closed it's doors in 1974, but truly I would doubt
      it. The cost wouldn't justify the risk at the speeds they ran. While I was
      there, if a detector car went over the rails it could have found any number
      of defects in that old rail. We used to walk and observe the underside of
      the ball and web for telltale signs of rust but of course that wouldn't
      always find a transverse fissure. The locomotive would find them as they
      banged over them. We did change out a rail every now and then but not often
      in the time I was there. I don't recall there was a lot of spare rail
      around the property. At my time there was 70, 75, 80 on most of the main
      line and a short stretch of 56 pound left on the Broadalbin end and the
      Broadalbin yard tracks. I don't recall any of teh rail was newer than the
      twenties and much was the 1892 replacement that the Webb company ordered
      when they had their brief time in control.

      But that's no reason not to keep sending your memoirs to this site.


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      >Was the FJ&G ever visited by the Sperry Car ?
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