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11625Re: January Meeting

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  • oleroadslug
    Jan 30, 2006
      Here I am 1000 miles away and throwing a wrench into the works.

      Just a thought:

      I don't remember names all that well anymore, but I could drive to it
      now in a heartbeat.

      In Fonda, downtown, on Highway 5s heading north on the right hand side
      of the road (Within a mile of the Mansion and the County Highway Dept )
      there is a pizza place were a bunch of railfans and I used to meet,
      eat and catch the CONRAIL (auugh!). You would have to look out over
      the long gone FJ&G yard and lead to see these trains, to be
      politically correct.

      Just a thought. How far off am I?

      Bob Schoneman
      Appleton, WI
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