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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Jan 8, 2006
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      I have not seen any activity on this ist in a while so now it is time for
      another edition of "From The Archives"

      Shipping order


      at Johnstown NY 1-23-53
      from Crescende Gloves Inc

      Consigned to :The Anderson-Newcomb Co

      Destination Huntington W VA

      No of Packages 2 carton gloves, mde of cotton, vegettable fibre, except
      xxxxx or rayon.

      Rate 3.08

      RECEIVED F.J.G.RR.CO. (Dray) Johnstown, NY C.E. Brown Agent, Jan 23,1953

      I have had a fleeting experience with documents of value such as the Uniform
      Bill of Lading but I suspect this particular document was intended to be
      used as part of a draft to draw the payment for transportation from the
      local bank.

      and that is another edition of "From the Archives'.........
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