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11414Re: [FJGRailroad] FJ&G Store

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  • paul larner
    Oct 18, 2005

      Nice job on the Park brochure logo. The color of the "G" should be the gold
      used for the FJ&G.org below the logo rather than green. Each letter is
      outlined in black. Another attractive logo, though not nearly so, which
      can be done in green and red, red and black is the double circle logo used
      on their early timetable folders.


      >Gino DiCarlo wrote:
      > > Hi guys,
      > >
      > > By request, I have added some new artwork for the FJGRR.ORG store. You
      > > now find the classic FJ&G logo that was used on the book for the park on
      >a hat,
      > > sweatshirt and tee-shirt. I've also added some other neat stuff
      >including an FJG
      > > Clock. Check it out!
      > >
      > > Gino
      > >
      > > http://www.cafepress.com/fjgrr
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