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11267Re: [FJGRailroad] Get Together 2005

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  • Gino's Railpage
    Aug 11, 2005
      Maybe it was just my end of the table. My food wasn't very good and I mentioned
      that my wife was slightly sick. Steve and his wife weren't very happy
      either. Yes,
      I used to work with the waitress and she was just as bossy there too.
      Don't get me
      wrong, we've had some great dinners at the RailYard, Rich Finn wrote me to say
      his meal was wonderful, I was just wondering if there was another
      place we can try.
      I know how much you like it and you're more than welcome to remain there every
      August. Just don't put me on the guest list next year!


      On 8/11/05, paul larner <pklarner@...> wrote:
      > Ginno, weren't you at the same restaurant Sally and I ate? Anyone else
      > unhappy withe the food or service. The waitress was a former acquaintance
      > of Gino's.
      > PKL
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      > >Subject: [FJGRailroad] Get Together 2005
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      > >Hi guys,
      > >
      > >We had a good time at this year's get-together. Sorry we missed you.
      > >If you wanted to learn the history of the FJ&G, Paul's PowerPoint
      > >presentation on the line was a good place to start. Keep your
      > >calendars open for next year. The early plan is to charter a bus and
      > >travel all of the FJ&G's bus routes. I don't know about you guys, but
      > >it sounds like a great time to me. Also, we need to plan in advance
      > >our dinner plans. I for one am not going back to The Rail Yard. That
      > >is the one place that was a minus on our festivities. Poor service,
      > >poor food. I won't even tell you what the food did to my wife!
      > >Perhaps Crystal Bar in Amsterdam? Raindancer?
      > >I can't think of a nice place anywhere in Johnstown or Gloversville to
      > >accommodate us. Any suggestions?
      > >
      > >We can think about it in the upcoming months...
      > >
      > >Gino
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