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  • paul larner
    Apr 26 8:50 PM
      The Hudson doesn't handle much freight. Most traffic for the city runs on
      the River Line, former West Shore. The B&A was pretty good last week's trip
      because everything must have been tied up west. On the Mohawk, where I've
      made but one trip in several month, I had the best day in many months.
      Bring it on.

      The press doesn't give a rats ass about us. We will be presented as
      stealing time and the majority of folks would consider us obstructionists.
      The state doesn't really care; CSX knows they can buy about anyone in state
      government for the right price. As an aside, in this area I have seen a few
      cases where public employees have been prosecuted for stealing time. I
      thought it was a little absurd, politics I'm sure, but a crime nevertheless.

      Give CSX managers what they want - comply with all the rules even when they
      are illogical. The best way to change a bad rule or practice is to comply.
      Never give the impression that we are not already complying. That's suicide
      and just asking for more attention from management and the FRA. It makes us
      look bad., especially after a tragic incident (of which CSX has had a few
      lately in this area). We alays copmply with the rules, even the foolish
      ones - like calling signals over the radio. Just keep talking over the DS
      and anyone else - it's the rule. Stop and walk through whenever the "flag"
      isn't at his post. I know walking through seems too much like work for some
      guys. We walked .9 of a mile at Syracuse the other day because CSX screwed
      up the message and then didn't allow the DS discretion to correct it. The
      culture and style of the NS management, now infiltrating CSX I hear, is not
      conducive to good relationships between educated employees and themselves.

      There's a better solution to the early quit issue. T&E are different because
      they have a contract that specifies a minimun of eight once work is
      performed. It isn't stealing if the work is done but you can't sign off at
      11 pm if you go home at 9:30 pm. You have to sign off at 9:30. Should
      something unfortunate happen to you between 9:30 and 11:00 you're still on
      duty but at home, in your local tavern, or whatever. That's one problem
      FELA. T&E get eight for the start.

      If you're in one of the other crafts, that's a little different; surely
      there must be something to be accomplished around your shops. Hard to get
      sympathy from a general public that has to stay their full shift in their
      jobs. Cultures are hard to change; doesn't mean its ethically right. If we
      ran our own shop, how would we feel about paying eight hours for four or
      six. Do you watch the Monster Shop or Orange County Choppers on TV? Think
      any of those guys would last if they took early quits? Early quits is not
      an issue to put before the public. The lip service would have you believe
      there is nothing wrong with expecting eight hours work for eight hours pay,
      if that the way the contract is written. Reality demontrates that even when
      employees stay the full eight hours they actually work about six hours.


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