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  • Stephen G. Myers
    Feb 4, 2005
      2/4/2005 FRA fines CSXT for violating crossing safety regulations Last
      year, the New York Times published a series of articles questioning U.S.
      railroads' handling of grade crossing incidents and the industry's
      efforts to improve crossing safety. The Federal Railroad Administration
      (FRA) <http://www.fra.dot.gov> is trying to do its part to crack down on
      alleged crossing safety regulation violations. Yesterday, the
      administration announced it fined CSX Transportation <http://www.csx.com>
      a total of $298,000 for multiple violations related to a February 2004
      crossing accident in Henrietta, N.Y., which killed an elderly couple. The
      FRA alleges CSXT failed to "make repairs without undue delay" at three
      crossings with flashing lights and gates that were "known to be
      malfunctioning," according to a prepared statement. The administration
      also cited the railroad for failing to have the train crew involved in
      the accident "stop and flag" highway traffic, and for inadequate drainage
      caused by fouled ballast at one crossing. "Grade crossing warning
      systems are vital tools for protecting motorists, which is why we will
      take every step necessary to make sure railroads keep them in proper
      working order," said FRA Acting Administrator Robert Jamison. CSXT can
      respond to the violation notices, and present any defenses and mitigating
      factors that may lead to a settlement agreement, the FRA said. Following
      the Henrietta accident, the administration inspected 199 other New York
      crossings maintained by CSXT. The FRA might assess civil penalties for
      violations found during those inspections, agency officials said.