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10555Re: [FJGRailroad] Unattended baggage

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  • Stephen G. Myers
    Nov 9, 2004
      I thought we were in high security and on the lookout for unattended
      luggage or bags because of terrorism?


      On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 03:24:07 +0000 "joseph Klapkowski"
      <riverlinejoe@...> writes:
      > I am going to gripe and have included the FJ&G and D&H lists to give
      > you all
      > a sense of what STUPID people we have riding Metro North.
      > Tonight I arrived at track 35 in GCT to take the 7:18 pm Hudson line
      > train
      > north. My ride is about 70 minutes so getting a "good" seat is
      > crucial.
      > Tonight I arrived at 6:52 (actually I missed the 6:48) so I took
      > advantage
      > of my early arrival to get a "good" seat
      > As I plopped down I noted there was an unattended bag in the seat
      > right in
      > front of me. Call me paranoid but I looked about to see if anyone
      > was
      > walking around the train. I went so far as to check the bathroom. No
      > dice.
      > I got off the train and went to the first mechanical department guy
      > I saw
      > and told him about the bag. He went down and looked, came back up te
      > platform and announced that it was in fact an unattended bag. Six
      > minutes
      > have now passed and I am getting a little anxious. Its also getting
      > closer
      > to train time (remembert my good seat?). The mechanical guy summons
      > MNPD who
      > arrives only to discover that there is indeed an unattended bag and
      > then,
      > wanting to know what all the commotion is about, the owner of the
      > bag who
      > was all the while standing on the platform being chatty with a
      > friend,
      > announces that it his bag.
      > There was some dialog with the Metro North cops who I gather
      > questioned the
      > guy. He did not like this at all and when he got on the train
      > referred to
      > the cops as idiots. I wanted to tell him I thought he was an idiot
      > but I did
      > not.
      > I do not think stupidity should be illegal necessarily but there
      > were at
      > least two other people on the train who got a little upset upon
      > discovering
      > the unattended bag. I think Metro North should take a tougher stance
      > with
      > people who do this. The alternative of course could be that the next
      > time
      > they should make the guy fill out a form which makes him miss the
      > train.
      > Something along the order of writing " I will not leave unattended
      > luggage
      > on Metro North trains" 100 times.........
      > Am I being too reactionary?
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