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  • joseph Klapkowski
    Sep 5, 2004
      I love those hard to find books that describe local rail lines. Even more
      interesting is when they are in the form of a first account story.
      At this wonderful bookstorew in Warrensburg, I found a copy of a book titled
      "Clear The Tracks! The Story Of An Old-Time Engineer "

      As told to Page Cooper, by Joseph Bromley, Whittlesey House (McGraw Hill)
      New York 1943.

      This book is a first hand account of firing on the Utica and Black River
      Railroad in the earliest days of the railroad. Unable to secure a job on the
      right hand side of the cab, The young fireman goes to work on the DL&W out
      of Utica.

      This book is full of local descriptions and the 288 pages whipped by so fast
      I could not believe it. If you can find it I highly recommend this book.

      There is another book that I recommend, "The Brasspounder" by DG Sanders,
      Hawthorne Books 1978 is the story of a towerman in Ohio on the PRR. Its is
      also a page turner.

      I have no interest financial or otherwise in either of these publications or
      their publishers.

      Anyone else have a good railroad book in the archives?

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