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10338RE: [FJGRailroad] Train service linking Binghamton, Utica derailed

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  • paul larner
    Jul 8, 2004
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      From the FRA perspective if you run passengers you have certain
      responsibilities re track maintenance, inspection and speed. Ask anyone
      else who has put together an excursion and you'll hear about the high cost
      of insurance. If it were easy the Battenkill and perhaps many others would
      be running mixed trains for the occassional railfan dollar. A few lines ran
      mixed trains into the sixties, but this was to serve specific though limited
      needs and often the coach was nothing more than a rider car for the crew. I
      am reminded of Hasting photos of the StJ&LC mixed train.

      The key to any service is enough people willing to pay enough to support the
      service or a justifiable public need to permit the necessary subsidy. This
      latter is the reason states and the feds subsidize all the regular rail
      passenger service that exists today. There aren't yet enough people or
      inconvenience to compel people to ride the trains in most markets. This was
      the failure of the Vt experiment and why there are not yet any commuter
      trains running between Fort Edward and Albany. I don't doubt they're
      coming, at least in this region, but not before the Northway goes to
      gridlock for week after week after week and the people realise they have to
      put there cars up. Of course the other side is to raise the price of
      gasoline up to reflect better the former ratio between its price and that of
      furnace oil. Is gasoline being kept artificially low or are we being gouged
      on fuel oil (or both).


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      >I think Mark's got computer problems and is off-line...
      >Also, I didn't mean to imply that it would be free to run
      >any sort of passenger line, but liked the idea of a mixed
      >train. How long has it been since a railroad ran a mixed
      >train? A long time I think. The FJG gave it up in the
      >50's. Wouldn't it cost less to run a mixed train as opposed
      >to a sole passenger run? Also, running a RDC has to be
      >a little more economical that a string of coaches, right?
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      >Insurance, FRA requirements for minimum levels of track maintenance,
      >inspections, additional employees, all cost money, not to mention equipment
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