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467Dance with Lior & Sagi - Opening night

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  • Israel Yakovee
    Nov 7, 2013
      join Sagi and Lior in the Valley
      זה קורה הערב
      Announcing the new location
      ריקודי עם ברמה אחרת
      Dear Friends,

      We are excited to share with you the great news about the opening of 
      Sagi Azran's new Thursday night folk dance session starting Nov 7th.

      The session will be held at the Dance Revolution Ballroom Dance Hall. 
      Please have a look at their website where you can see pictures and 
      information on this beautiful place: 

      The location is very close to the 101 & 405 freeways. See details in the 
      attached flyer. Just in case you cannot open it,  the address is 6626 
      Valjean Ave, Van Nuys, CA.

      Ellen and I are looking forward to the opening of this new session.

      Hope you will join us on Nov 7th.

      Ellen & Ilan Paz
      בואו לחגוג איתנו את ערב הפתיחה
      אסור לכם להחמיץ את ההרקדה הגדולה והמוצלחת ביותר בוואלי
      For more information
      Contact iyakovee@...  or call 818 389-1955