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Adding Living People to Family Tree

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  • gpford5
    We are encouraging youth to visit the FHC. One of the frustrating things for them is that because they are so young, they have living parents, living
    Message 1 of 37 , Oct 17, 2013
      We are encouraging youth to visit the FHC. One of the frustrating things for them is that because they are so young, they have living parents, living grandparents, and in some cases living great grandparents. When they first log into Family Tree, they see a very unimpressive Family Tree.

      The solution is to add living in-line ancestors until they can link to deceased family members. Any suggestions on how best to do this to create the least amount of duplication and other problems?
    • Venita
      Wow! This topic has really morphed, hasn t it? The cure is education! Since our births, church members have been taught the importance of finding our
      Message 37 of 37 , Oct 22, 2013
        Wow!  This topic has really morphed, hasn't it?

        The cure is education!   Since our births, church members have been taught the importance of finding our ancestors and seeing that their ordinance work is done, but it has not been important to teach us how to do it properly.  "Find a name to take to the temple" has been the admonition we have heard over and over, so we've done the best we could for over 150 years.  We rarely hear, "Before you take that name to the temple, provide at least two 'witnesses' to the accuracy of the name, dates, places and relationships."   Now we're asked to do that, and the majority of us don't have a clue!!

        (Give me a moment to climb up on my soapbox.)   Sourcing needs to be taught to all who intend to participate in this work.  Before learning the process of how to attach a source in FT,  people need to know what a source is and what it is not,  the difference between primary sources and secondary sources, and which sources are the most trustworthy 'witnesses.'  (That applies to our personal databases as well.)  Teach correct principles and …  you know the rest.  The Spirit will not stay where contention is.


        On Oct 21, 2013, at 1:05 PM, vctinney@... wrote:


        With all due respect to all of the members of this list, as well as to the Priesthood
        leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; of which currently it
        has many legal experts presiding and sustained in the positions of general authorities:

        This conversation, if allowed to be presented, in my opinion (based on being an expert
        witness), has absolutely nothing to do with "free agency", church policy, or ego trips
        concerning who is right and who is wrong and who should make the correct decision.

        It pertains only to the principles concerning what is right and what is wrong for eternity.
        It has to do with what is admissible as contested evidence in an adversarial court of law.
        On this earth, no name, in and of itself, can be presented, in the very first place, into
        record, without source documentation.  I would suggest placing Temple Ordinance Work
        to the name makes no difference.  However, all names, with some form of written or
        recorded sources, weak or strong, oral or certified, stamped or validated, have standing.

        So the issue is basic, simple and to the point.  If the Lord did instruct Joseph Smith, Jr.,
        in the particular and exacting requirements of dual or more verification requirements for
        all LDS Temple Ordnance Work, to assure its acceptability before the Priesthood Courts
        in Heaven, it is an absolute given that the said person's name must surely be validated
        by the same form of witnesses by documentation, irrespective of the degree of certitude.
        Corrections can be made after the fact, in eternity, as time rolls on, when documented.
        Why, because people do not really die.  They are alive and well and know all the facts.
        Nothing is lost.  Not even a sparrow in flight is unnoticed.  Documents will be sanctified.

        I do not believe that heaven is a candy coated, sugar and spice nice place, with no need
        to worry about testings and trials.  There was a war before we came to earth.  We fought.
        But the fight goes on.  Job found that out, in an exceedingly, highly contested contest.
        Records created that are inadmissible on earth, make heavenly saints a laughingstock.
        They will not be allowed or tolerated upon the Records in Heaven; justly, they are not valid.

        Respectfully yours,
        Thomas Milton Tinney, Sr.
        Genealogical Research Specialist

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        Subject: [FHCNET] Re: Adding Living People to Family Tree

        When the Lord gives us our agency, He also attaches consequences. That is the one major feature that seems to be missing from the current open-edit implementation of Family Tree--there are no consequences for abuse of agency in the system.
        Agency isn't the freedom to "do whatever you want" without consequences. Agency is the freedom to choose between right and wrong, and you get the consequences of whatever you choose.
        Obviously I'm not trying to preach a gospel sermon here, but to draw a comparison. It's not curtailing someone's freedom to have checks and balances in Family Tree, any more than it is to have commandments, temple recommend interviews, etc., for the Lord's followers.
        Family Tree would be more analogous to the gospel if it were, as Terry said, a teaching tool with standards. I think we've been so afraid of "scaring" people away from genealogy that we might be trying too hard to be like the "friendly" church that serves coffee & donuts to get people to come, and only preaches feel-good sermons that don't mention commandments so as not to offend anyone :)

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