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Re: FS - Family Tree > Entering Sources, Notes and Other Events

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  • tmason1
    Currently there is not a possibility for synchrony between the source entry fields in personal 3rd party software programs and the templates provided for data
    Message 1 of 23 , Apr 14, 2013
      Currently there is not a possibility for synchrony between the source entry fields in personal 3rd party software programs and the templates provided for data entry in Family Tree.

      The following TWO (2) modifications to Family Tree are needed:
      (1) A COMMENTS field following Source Notes and
      (2) being able to document "Other Information" with Sources.

      Have any of you ever opened the Family Tree "Other Information" field and clicked on the "+Add" and found that you can add the following: Alternate Name / Stillborn, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Military Service, Naturalization, Residence, Affiliation, Religious Affiliation, Title of Nobility, Occupation, Cremation, Custom Event / Caste Name, Clan Name, National Identification, National Origin, Physical Description, Race, Tribe Name, Custom Fact? If you did then you might notice there is no way to add a source to it like you could in new.FamilySearch.

      So since Family Tree is in beta test the two modification could be made. Currently the following five (5) Family Tree SOURCE FIELDS are:

      1) SOURCE TITLE >

      2) Web page URL >

      3) CITATION >
      [This is the same as information as in new.FamilySearch Source Type when combined with nFS Source detail. (Includes Author, Publication Information, Repository, Call Number, Film/Volume/Page Number, Date record was made)]

      4) Describe the Record - NOTES >
      [This is the same as "Actual Text" in nFS. (This is the weakest feature of the nFS source entry process.)]


      MODIFICATION ONE: The one Family Tree entry field missing in Create or edit a Source is a COMMENT field following the Notes field. There is one in nFS and it is in personal software programs. It is needed in Family Tree to make the Source fields synchrony compatible.

      It is NOT appropriate to place COMMENTS in the "Discussion field" because that is detached from the Source. Discussions work like social networking sites - they are NOT a place to put evaluations or comments about the Source "Notes".

      Could the Comments be placed in the "Reason This Information is Attached" field? Perhaps - IF we used a tag like reference in our Notes section which indicated that something was in error or see comment below, etc.

      MODIFICATION TWO: Family Tree does not allow attaching SOURCES to "+Add" OTHER INFORMATION fields in Family Tree. If this expanded option was added to Family Tree then the EVENT or FACT "NOTES" that are currently entered in new.FamilySearch can be placed there.

      Add these two modifications and make Family Tree compatable with personal software programs.

      Terry Mason
      Clermont FL

      P.S. Wonder when and where the general NOTES already in new.FamilySearch will be? Hope to see them sooner than later.

      Also we have been promised that IMAGES of documentation will be available in the same way that the PHOTOS options is designed for the person in Family Tree. I hope that all scrapbook images from our personal computers that our personal software point to, can be uploaded to a secure Family Search site and that our pointers in personal software can be redirected to URLs on the permanent FS locations.
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