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RE: [FHCNET] RootsMagic Update in FHCs

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  • emregister
    Thanks, Sue, for the additional information. I am a big Ancestral Quest fan but I want to be able to advise and to help patrons in RM as well. Whenever I find
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      Thanks, Sue, for the additional information.

      I am a big Ancestral Quest fan but I want to be able to advise and to help
      patrons in RM as well. Whenever I find a new feature in AQ I ask a RM user
      or go to RM to see if I can find the same feature or accomplish a similar
      task. Similarly, when I hear of a RM feature I see if I have that feature
      in AQ.

      Regarding RM and Auto Merge you said RM adds the PID to show it is
      linked/matched. That is my concern. RM adds the PID to show that it
      'thinks' the records are the same.

      I use AQ to check groups for potential matches but when that list is
      available, I get involved and make the decision. At the same time I find it
      convenient to transfer data and to merge. The point is, I retain control.

      Additionally in AQ, while I can check for potential matches in my entire
      data base I can also define records I wish to check. Maybe those whose name
      starts with 'a' or who were born before 1900 or most any combination of
      criteria I wish.

      From day one I have been concerned about RM making decisions for me.

      Sue, you can help me by sharing any features of RM that you find
      particularly useful or that may not be in AQ. There are likely some I have
      not found. So far only the use of color and the lat/long that I can
      remember. I don't care about color and geocoding is not available in the
      essentials version. (I can pull up a map in AQ and that is enough for me.)
      Sorry my RM trial expired, I will have to go to FHC to try a full version.

      I enjoy your contribution to this group and find your RM comments useful.


      Eric Sent: March 27, 2010 11:33 AM
      To: FHCNET@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [FHCNET] RootsMagic Update in FHCs

      This AutoMatch feature just copies the PID number to RM. Now I can go
      back at my leisure and do the Share Data portion of the process. RM does
      NOT auto-combine during the AutoMatch process.

      Why sync/match? I want to focus on my research and this process
      narrrowed that down specifically to those that are most likely not
      included in nFS right now, or those that are very confusing and need
      much more effort. At least I now know which people are in nFS for sure
      and can narrow down my workload.

      RM did NOT overwrite any of my data. It only copies the PID number into
      RM so that RM knows the person(s) is on nFS.

      This step does NOT copy any info over to nFS.

      There are three steps in RMs process. First you match, then you Share
      Date, then you do the ordinance work. So very simple.

      Again, about your concern that RM makes assumptions. I know that RM is
      OVERLY cautious about the merges it makes in the program, and in this
      feature, ONLY the PID number is added to RM. You can un-match any person
      at any time. You can also click a button "Show in FamilySearch" and it
      opens your browser and takes you directly to the person you are working on.

      Eric, if you have any other questions, let me know.

      Sue Maxwell

      On 3/27/2010 12:17 PM, emregister wrote:
      > This sounds impressive but it raises a number of questions.
      > - did RM combine records when appropriate - in my opinion this is the
      > reason
      > for synchronizing. If this step is avoided, why synchronize/match in the
      > first place.
      > - did RM copy information from your data to nFS and did RM copy from
      > nFS to
      > your data? I would want some control over this and I would want to
      > determine which data I retain.
      > - did RM overwrite any of my data?
      > - did RM copy all my notes to nFS? Some of my notes should be copied but
      > some are private.
      > My concern with RM in general is that it makes assumptions and does
      > what it
      > thinks best for you. I don't trust automatic actions like this.
      > Maybe someone would auto match a smaller database and determine
      > exactly what
      > RM does and answer the above questions.
      > To: FHCNET@yahoogroups.com <mailto:FHCNET%40yahoogroups.com>
      > Subject: [FHCNET] RootsMagic Update in FHCs
      > I thought this might be of interest to all of you and your FHCs.
      > RootsMagic 4 software announced yesterday an upgrade to both their
      > regular RootsMagic 4 and the free RootsMagic Essentials. Both products
      > let a user access new FamilySearch and exchange information between the
      > two.
      > Before anyone at a FHC (or at home) can access RootsMagic starting
      > Monday (after the nFS update is released which is supposed to be just
      > after midnight) all copies of RootsMagic must be updated. An email from
      > FamilySearch to the centers said that the update will not make it to
      > LanDesk by Monday so FHCs should download the update from the RootsMagic
      > w
      > ebsite.
      > Also announced was a new feature called AutoMatch. AutoMatch will
      > connect to nFS and attempt to match each person in your database to the
      > same person in nFS. I want to share my experience since yesterday when
      > the software was released.
      > Here are my numbers after using the AutoMatch feature.
      > I have 18,016 people in this database.
      > I already had 8,282 matched.
      > That left 9,734 not matched.
      > The AutoMatch feature went through those 9,734 in just about 18 hours.
      > That averaged out to about 540 records checked each hour. (That would
      > fluctuate depending on your internet connection).
      > Out of the 9,734 records, 1,795 were living people and 6,861 matched up.
      > I only have 1,078 that did not match.
      > Included in the 1,078 records are those that are new people I need to
      > add to new FamilySearch, OR my information is so different from what is
      > in nFS that the AutoMatch feature could not determine if my person was
      > in nFS.
      > I'm impressed! That's only about 10% of my previously unmatched people
      > that I need to focus on right now!
      > It took me about one year of work to match the first 8,282 records! What
      > a time saver!
      > Great job RootsMagic!

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    • Hugh Wyatt
      Go to File then choose Family Search Central. You will sign in to nFS.  In the new screen, the second line should tell you how many people in your
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        Go to "File" then choose "Family Search Central." You will sign in to nFS.  In the new screen, the second line should tell you how many people in your database are matched to nFS.  Click on that number and it will bring up the "Auto Match" feature.


        Could someone please tell me how to access the "Auto Match" feature in Roots Magic.  If I understand it correctly, this feature will match my person in Roots Magic with a person in new.FamilySearch.  Is that correct? 

        I use the auto merge feature, but I haven't been able to find an "Auto Match."

        Thanks for your help.

        Linda Bishop

        --- On Tue, 3/30/10, Sue Maxwell <smaxwl@earthlink. net> wrote:

        From: Sue Maxwell <smaxwl@earthlink. net>
        Subject: Re: [FHCNET] RootsMagic Update in FHCs
        To: FHCNET@yahoogroups. com
        Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 11:22 PM


        Eric, working with nfs using RM is really a three step process. First

        you match, then you combine and share data, then you do the temple

        ordinances. So the AutoMatch feature did the first step of matching the

        RM records to nfs. Now I back and do the combining and exchange of

        information between the two programs.

        Even so, this process drastically reduced the number of hours I have

        spent matching. Combining and sharing data is an endless process because

        records continue to be added that need to be combined. (Yes, I know nfs

        is supposed to stop duplication, but people still find a way around it.)

        Like I said before, what it mostly did was narrow down those people that

        I need to add to nfs and get the temple work going. It also identified a

        number of problems in the data that would not AutoMatch. I definitely

        will continue to combine and share data.


        On 3/30/2010 6:36 PM, emregister wrote:


        > Sue,

        > Thanks for the explanation. I hope this is not a repeat message but I

        > re-read your reply and so...

        > I think a big task in nFS is to find all the records that pertain to one

        > person and combine these. As I do, I find many records that are already in

        > the system and do not have ordinances completed. By combining them, I

        > reduced the number of records waiting for ordinances. These records

        > were in

        > the system and, I expect, would have been dealt with eventually. Combining

        > saves a lot of temple time. In the auto match does RM do any combining?


        > Eric






        */Sue Maxwell

        http://granitegenea logy.blogspot. com/*

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