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Pop-Up Blocker Problem with Printing FOR

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  • Tom Kemp
    Yes Nancy. I had similar problems. Solution I found: Hold down the control key BEFORE you click on print in the Temple Submission Tab. The process takes
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2009
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      Yes Nancy. I had similar problems.

      Solution I found: Hold down the control key BEFORE you click on "print" in
      the Temple Submission Tab. The process takes awhile as the data is gathered
      and the Adobe PDF kicks in. Just hold the control key down until the PDF

      The latest update of nFS seems to have 3 steps where you have to click on
      the print button. Be sure to keep that Control key pressed down the entire
      time. Don't release it until the PDF of your FOR appears and you can save

      This has been my solution.


      On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 12:30 AM, <nascott@...> wrote:

      > I was not able to print an FOR tonight and ended up calling FamilySearch
      > Support about the matter. The support person suggested that I download
      > Adobe Reader from the button even though I had the current version because
      > of needing Adobe Flash. It turns out that I had the current version of
      > Flash also and ended up getting errors when trying to download Adobe Reader.
      > Since we could not get the problem solved, she switched me over to the Tech
      > support who asked me to check if the Pop-Up Blocker was on in the IE Tools
      > menu which it was. He asked me to turn the Pop-Up Blocker off which I did
      > but the FOR still would not print even for just one person.
      > The phone call started cutting out so that I could not hear the tech and
      > may have been my BB was showing a low battery so I ended up hanging up the
      > call shortly after being given directions to uninstall Adobe Reader and
      > reinstall it.
      > My husband who is computer savy, uninstalled Adobe Reader and also Adobe
      > Flash and reinstalled both and I was able to print the FOR without a
      > problem.
      > If anyone else has this problem, I would suggest NOT trying to update Adobe
      > if you already have a version without uninstalling first if that is
      > suggested. I would also suggest checking the TOOL menu in IE to see if the
      > Pop-Up blocker is turned ON and perhaps turning it OFF will allow you to
      > print an FOR.
      > There is a new screen that appears after you make your selections for the
      > FOR so you can check over what you actually have selected. You may have to
      > scroll down on it to see Sealings if you are counting to be sure everyone is
      > actually going to be on the FOR.
      > Just wanted to post this in case if is useful to anyone else. I have never
      > had a problem printing an FOR on my computer before. I was very careful to
      > use exactly the same people when I made the selections so that could not
      > effect the outcome. The first try after having tweeked the computer was
      > only one individual with a simple request in case that could be the problem.
      > Hope that on one else experiences the difficulty.
      > Nancy Scott
      > Cincinnati, Ohio

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