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A couple of news items.

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  • James W Anderson
    Got a couple of news items. Wiki: Need anyone who knows Wikicode to help with developing various templates to make various tasks easier, and for other needs
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2009
      Got a couple of news items.

      Wiki: Need anyone who knows Wikicode to help with developing various templates to make various tasks easier, and for other needs related to the wiki. Check the 'Community Center' (undergoing some work itself right now) for more info regarding tech needs, some of this may not be up yet but watch for it.

      maps.familysearch.org: Turns out this was a ten-year project, began with a project where they overlaid various map elements using overhead projector transparencies. So it's taken that long to get England to where it is now but more needs to be done even there, but this is something they want to do for the entire world, so they could use feedback and eventually help on.

      Works one-way with the Wiki already, but not from the other direction, forget already which way it was. Not too much different form the 'pipeline' analogy that has been used regarding Record Search except with much fewer steps.

      nFS: Somehow in the conversation at the wiki meeting today via conference call, the subject of nFS came up, and there are several items on that. Version 0.99 is up and running, looked at that myself, as I had to add some death place and burial inforamtion for a ward member whose funeral, held out at the cemetery by Camp Williams today, and very sparsely attended, and I doubt there were any family members there, and I volunteered to load the details into nFS, which I had done probably before things were fully complete out at the cemetery.

      It will take more fields in localities, so 'Camp Williams Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Bluffdale, Salt Lake, Utah, United States' took. I recall nearly two years ago being only able to put in four levels in localities, so when I did a previous thing involving a burial site, it would not take the country, but now this time it took all input levels.

      Rollout status: Asia first, before the world at large.

      Collaboration: Planned to be an open edit model, where if anyone has any new or better information on any individual, they can go right in. I pointed out the above regarding the funeral, and the person who was there fielding the wiki-related questions thought that was a good idea given the circumstances mentioned above. There is still work to be done to ensure certain things work on it before they do this more than how it is now.

      Sourcing: They know it's a problem. Solutions are being worked on.

      Combine/uncombine. They know it's harder to uncombine than combine still, solution also being worked on.

      IOUS: Nearly resolved this one. That has also held up the development of other major features, with that very nearly resolved, they will probably turn soon to the features and 'backlog' items other than that.

      Beta homepage site in Labs: We could see it moving to the main site possibly first part of next year, Some features function as links right now, full integration will come closer or just after the move to the main page. By all means try the beta site and give them feedback, it will improve things even more so before they move it into www.familysearch.org.

      A week ago Randy Bryson told the group at the meeting about the products that work with nFS that Record Search within six months will see a large amount of unindexed images added to it as well. No hard timetable, may still depend on factors unknown at present as to exactly when it could occur, it could be later than thought still as well.
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