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Re: [FHCNET] Re: FHC Attendance

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  • Miles Meyer
    We never have many people in the FHC anyway so I haven t noticed a drop. We currently only have 1 working computer so I can only work with 1 person at a time
    Message 1 of 40 , Nov 11, 2008
      We never have many people in the FHC anyway so I haven't noticed a
      drop. We currently only have 1 working computer so I can only work
      with 1 person at a time anyway. On a busy night we might have up to 3
      people in the library and I may have up to 3 consultants there also so
      each one of us can take one person and do some research.

      We had planned a Boy Scout day but had to cancel it since the
      computers crashed. This is one way that I try to get people from the
      area interested in using the library.

      Miles Meyer

      On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 9:29 AM, Aurale Huff <leehuff@...> wrote:
      > Considering one must have a membership number to get into nFS, it
      > would seem the FHC will be needed for those non-members in the area
      > who are researching. Perhaps we need to "advertise" the FHC in our
      > neighborhoods. Would that be appropriate?
      > We have an annual genealogy fair, "Roots, Boots & Brisket" which
      > attracts many non-members in the Austin area.
      > Lee - Aurale Huff in So-Central Texas
      > At 08:01 AM 11/11/2008, you wrote:
      >>I agree that some of the lack of attendance is due to the time of
      >>year, but we went on nFS on Oct 7, and from that day on, our member
      >>attendance disappeared. I'm hoping everyone is using nFS at home
      >>and is figuring it out on their own. Thank goodness for our
      >>community patrons. After the holidays we're going to start up some
      >>basic genealogy and research classes and see if we can encourage
      >>more FHC usage. We've gone from a very busy center to a very slow center.
      >>Barbara in Rogers, AR
    • Vereen Lynn
      Dear Marilyn, In many places I ve been  including where I am now, Arkansas,  our motto is If you can t duct it chuck it .  Good use of the tape. Vereen
      Message 40 of 40 , Nov 15, 2008
        Dear Marilyn,

        In many places I've been  including where I am now, Arkansas,  our motto is "If you can't duct it chuck it".  Good use of the tape.

        Vereen Lynn Kennelly

        --- On Fri, 11/14/08, Marilyn Howard <marilynhoward@...> wrote:
        From: Marilyn Howard <marilynhoward@...>
        Subject: [FHCNET] Re: cascading computer
        To: FHCNET@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Friday, November 14, 2008, 9:35 AM

        When Leslie said "the computers are cleaned", I believe she means the
        hard drive of the
        New-to-you" system will have been cleaned up, not particularly the
        physical portions of
        the equipment. Both I have received (about 6 months apart) were not exactly in
        cleanest of conditions in regards to their outward or inward appearance.
        Functionality is
        the key here so, a little effort and voilà!

        Both we've received have been HP, came with good keyboards and mice but,
        the first one
        has one bad USB portal in the front. The first time I plugged in a USB Jump
        Drive the
        computer "flipped out". When I removed the Jump Drive all went back
        to normal. I tried a
        couple of other Jump drives I carry with me and got the same results so, I
        remedied that
        problem with a piece of silver duct tape (we are in the south! - plus it is not
        so noticeable
        since the HP is black and silver) to prevent other less assured users from
        panic, and simply
        use a USB extension cord plugged in the back port without ill affect. Problem
        solved and
        otherwise an excellent addition/replacement to our Center.

        I just unpacked one yesterday, that was actually addressed to a sister in
        on the label with the church logo, and addressed to me on the UPS label. I did
        locate her
        with zabasearch, after speaking with the head of distribution of cascaded
        computers to
        clarify if that system was indeed ours, and let her know she would get one with
        my name
        on it due to a mix up on the packing and shipping line.

        Back to this system - it was absolutely filthy! Fortunately, I do keep Clorox
        or Lysol wipes
        in the center and was able to get it cleaned up. The mouse surprised me that
        could have been using it successfully. You could have knitted a fine sweater
        with the lint
        balls I removed from inside the housing of the mouse rollerball, never mind the
        "mud" in
        the mouse's "eye" and all over the rollerball. There was, what
        seemed like mud in every
        crack and crevice of the mouse. That took some time cleaning but, now looks
        like new.

        I did find some tags on the HP that indicated it had been used at BYU Idaho.
        There was
        the answer to why it was not in a cleaner condition. Cinnamon rolls and sticky
        buns with
        hot chocolate allowed in the computer labs? or in the offices at BYU Idaho?
        Just trying to
        imagine how the mouse got so filthy. Bottom line, it works great and is a lot
        better than
        the one it is replacing at our center.

        Hopefully a little entertainment for the morning....


        --- In FHCNET@yahoogroups.com, "Leslie Vaughn"
        <Leslievaughn@...> wrote:
        > Cascading is a politically correct term for a used computer. It will
        probably come from
        the church office building. The computers are cleaned and come to you with the
        needed for FHC use. There will be no monitor or keyboard. There may or may
        not be a
        mouse. I got two a couple of years ago. Both work really well, except the CD
        drive never
        has worked on one of them.
        > It will probably be an improvement on any computer you currently have.
        > Leslie
        > From: maxine nelson
        > Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 6:25 PM
        > To: FHCNET@yahoogroups.com
        > Subject: [FHCNET] cascading computer
        > Salt Lake says they are sending a 'cascading computer' to our FHC.
        > someone tell me what a 'cascading computer' is? How is it
        > from a regular computer?
        > Maxine in NW Kansas
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