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Re: [FHCNET] Finding Temple Work in nFS

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  • James W Anderson
    You re right. I could go in and clear a stack of names right now, and do the work, but I don t have enough confidence that the system has all the available
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2008
      You're right. I could go in and clear a stack of
      names right now, and do the work, but I don't have
      enough confidence that the system has all the
      available data yet to be sure that the work has or has
      not been done.

      I've cleared two after combining and checking all
      sources, but that was out of dozens of possible names
      checked and finding them done already after all the
      combining and cross-checking I described last night.

      And then there are the snafus that happen because
      someone put 'living' in the death info field,
      apparently putting anything in the death information
      field makes it appear as if it's ready for temple work
      even though we know the person is still alive. There
      are also other problems that have or have yet to crop

      There are other things as well. It won't be until we
      are all on the system, until we can get every last
      active member into the system and going over what they
      have in the system and checking all of that against
      what is there and what they have, before we can be
      fairly confident about the system finding unfinished
      ordinance work.

      --- Margie Beldin <mabeldin@...> wrote:

      > Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Gary!!!!
      > Yesterday I was helping a ward member in nFS and she
      > found two people whose work had not been done and
      > was anxious to claim them so no one else would do
      > their work. I explained to her she could not yet
      > claim her legacy because I had signed her on AND our
      > temple is not yet on nFS, so we can't accept FORs.
      > She then wanted to do a TempleReady disk so she
      > could do the work.
      > I tried to kindly, although I was soooo irritated,
      > to explain that she should not take work off of nFS
      > to do work. I explained she had NO sources to
      > indicate that she had good information on these
      > people and that she would need to do some research
      > to ensure the information she had on these two
      > individuals was correct.
      > She was not happy. I had mentioned the "R" word.
      > I have to say I was not happy and probably not very
      > diplomatic. I should be happy people are trying to
      > find names to take to the temple. But, I also work
      > in the temple office and get sick when I see the
      > garbage that is submitted on a daily basis and the
      > presidency will not stop it because it meets the
      > minimum standard set by the Church.
      > I was feeling guilty when I got home that I had
      > discouraged this lady but your message this morning
      > was so encouraging, I had to write.
      > Thanks so much; it is nice to know that there are
      > people who feel as I do and are trying to keep
      > temple work at a level that would be pleasing to the
      > Lord.
      > Margie in Washington State
      > Re: NFS: Living person showing as dead but is still
      > very much alive
      > Posted by: "Gary Templeman" gtempleman1@...
      > gtempleman97330
      > Sun Jun 1, 2008 6:57 pm (PDT)I am sure you and most
      > of the list know this, but IMO nFS (or even the
      > original FamilySearch) is probably not the best
      > place to be *finding*
      > ancestors who need temple work. Of the sources of
      > records incorporated into
      > nFS, the majority consist mostly of people with
      > already completed temple
      > work (IGI). The remainder consists mostly of
      > compiled records (Ancestral
      > File, Pedigree Resource File) that are unverified
      > and should never be
      > submitted directly for work without some *real*
      > research to confirm the
      > information.
      > Gary Templeman
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      > From: "James W Anderson" <genealogy248@...>
      > >I was training my ward's elders quorum president
      > > tonight, he managed to find a name and clear it.
      > >
      > > In looking for more, there was not much on his
      > lines
      > > in the system that could be found easily, we found
      > > this problem:
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