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Re: [FHCNET] Reduce incorrect combining of separated records

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  • Rebecca Christensen
    Great suggestions! I have encountered most of the problems you have listed. I long ago wrote to Support that the program keeps all information about an
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2008
      Great suggestions! I have encountered most of the problems you have listed.

      I long ago wrote to Support that the program keeps all information about an individual but does not perserve the **Identity** of Individuals. You can keep all the erroneous dates and places, etc., but you can lose the identity of individuals when sisters are combined into one person, when fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and unrelated individuals are all combined into one individual. Individuals become lost from the current system.

      Rebecca Christensen

      dmerrill1967 <dmerrill@...> wrote:
      - Infinite loops exist where fathers are combined with sons of the
      same name, etc.
      - Patrons have spent hours or even days correcting a folder
      containing hundreds of records of multiple people only to have
      someone come along afterwards and incorrectly re-combine the records.
      - Twins with similar names have been repeatedly combined.
      - Children have died and the next child given the same name, then the
      records combined.
      - Incorrect and undocumented data from Ancestral File and Pedigree
      Resource File is perpetuated.
      - Many patrons have stated they will wait until the problem has a
      solution before attempting to separate/correct large folders.

      - Add a link in the Summary/Detail view next to `Combined Records'
      named `Separated Records'.
      - Add a field to each record that contains the PID of the separated
      record, documentation or comments, and the name and contact
      information of the contributor making the separation.
      - Anyone can combine and separate a record once.
      - Allow only the person who separated the record (and nFS support) to
      re-combine the records.
      - Allow the separation to be disputed.
      - When a record is separated open a box and allow/encourage the
      person to document or comment on the separation, then record this
      information in the new field listed above.
      - Whenever records are combined the software would check
      the `Separated Records' file and if the records have been previously
      separated a new window would open which said:
      "This record was previously separated by [name and contact info]
      based upon [documentation or comment]. To have the record re-
      combined please contact this person."
      - Irreconcilable disputes could be appealed to nFS support.
      - If conflicting documentation exists a 2nd folder could be created
      rather than combining records.

      - Existing technology similar to the edit process can be used.
      - Encourages documentation and collaboration between patrons.
      - The burden is placed on the patrons.
      - We will have a more accurate record to present to the Lord.

      I feel strongly about this and have submitted this suggestion to nFS
      support for their consideration.

      Dave Merrill


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