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Internet Web Systems Culture: Wikipedia and Google

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  • Chris
    Internet Web Systems Culture: Wikipedia and Google The Internet is constantly changing, requiring regular structural improvements to academic-genealogy.com The
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2008
      Internet Web Systems Culture: Wikipedia and Google

      The Internet is constantly changing, requiring regular
      structural improvements to academic-genealogy.com
      The most comprehensive Genealogy and Family
      History online Handbook, How-To-Guide and Manual.

      Understanding the Internet: Genealogists & Historians,
      at: Top Search Engines and Directories: Genealogy
      and Family History Internet Portals and Browsers
      INCLUDES: Wikipedia genealog* search results;
      listings for over 9,600 entries. Points of interest:

      Showing below results 9501 - 9627 of 9627 has,
      among many other notables, the well known
      Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, with genealogy
      listed as part of external links:
      Hillary RODHAM ýýý(CLINTON)ýýý Genealogy

      Related reference: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
      has genealogical references at Note #178:

      Related reference: John Sidney McCain III
      has family reference within his entry:

      Thus, as stated before in prior e-mail,
      Wikipedia is now politically correct to
      use as a reference resource. Thousands
      of other valuable surname connections
      are made, as well as examples of other
      "genealogy" usage.

      Wikipedia articles allow inclusion of
      historical evaluation and relatedness:
      Guild: Apprenticeship - Journeyman
      Master Craftsman - Tradesman and
      Labour History International links to
      Social Security Records, at:
      Ancestor Roots Information

      What's New in Genealogy &
      Family History Resources?
      This automatic self-updated site
      includes current information on:
      PC World - URLSnooper Video Download
      that can be used to obtain data at:
      YouTube - Broadcast Yourself:
      for Family History and Genealogy.

      Academic Education Learning Resources
      for Educators, reviews the genealogy of
      academic principles or ideas in specialized
      bodies of teaching, realizing that these
      constructions will preserve over time, the
      framework of invaluable relationships for
      individual future family history compilation.
      Genealogy as an Academic Discipline
      is evaluated, along with references: the
      Prosopon Directory of Prosopographical
      Research; also Teaching Family History
      An Annotated Bibliography - Steven Mintz
      (OAH Magazine of History) and Mathematics
      Genealogy Project. Etc.

      Books - Publications: Genealogical Materials
      presents under Education Publications
      & Online Books: Google Book Search.
      Search the full view (text) of books,
      limited preview or all books. There are
      now over 127,500 family history references,
      and local history has full view of 10,380
      online books, an online library at home.
      This is an excellent addition to works in
      the Family History Archive, a repository
      of histories created by families to record
      and celebrate the lives of their ancestors.

      News, Media and Travel has worldwide
      TRAVEL - WEATHER: weather history.
      MEDIA - TELEVISION: current USA TV
      listings at MeeVee, to keep updated.
      references worldwide, all Transport
      in Present-Day Nations and States.
      TRAVEL - GUIDES: to know the past,
      travel - Google Book Search. Full
      view offered on 30400 online books.

      Archives and Knowledge Management
      now offers Personal Web Sites oral history
      StoryCorps: Recording America; also
      history of business and economics worldwide,
      with lists of companies and Portal:Companies

      These are but a very few of the regular structural
      improvements being made to academic-genealogy.com
      Regional Genealogy and Local History Research
      adds to Western Europe & British Isles:
      the British Empire and Portal:British Empire
      which tremendously aids in understanding
      family relationships within British rule overseas.
      Regional Genealogy and Local History Research
      carefully and assiduously compares online
      sources throughout, with FamilySearchWiki.org;
      listed only at present, as a footnote to FamilySearch.

      Respectfully yours,

      Tom Tinney, Sr.
      Who's Who in America,
      Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
      Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry, [both editions]
      Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory
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