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Re: [FHCNET] Re: The Future of PAF

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  • Leslie Vaughn
    I have done some beta testing with the interface of Ancestral Quest and nFS. Because information on Beta Testing is not for public consumption, I cannot
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 15, 2008
      I have done some beta testing with the interface of Ancestral Quest and nFS. Because information on Beta Testing is not for public consumption, I cannot comment on specifics. Other software programs are working with the church to do the same. Once the new version is released that would work with nFS, I think you will be impressed.

      I have used Ancestral Quest in various incarnations to the most current since 1996. I am favorably impressed for various reasons. A good one is that it was the company that designed PAF (windows versions) and AQ is quite a bit like PAF so the learning curve is good. Of course, it has been upgraded many times since the last PAF. They have great reports and lots of features that I really like, like interfacing with Ancestry.com and their other wonderful features are too numerous to mention. An excellent feature is the totally free support system. When I have questions or problems with anything, if I can't find the answer in the help menu or on the website, I have called and gotten totally positive support. I was on the phone for over an hour with one of the techs and there was no charge. They are really wonderful. Other than PAF I have never worked with another program. I have friends who have Family Tree Maker and other programs and from what I have seen on their computers, I am not impressed. However I also know that it is human nature to love what you have and what you understand, even if something else might be better. But I am very satisfied with AQ and all its features and expect when the finished product for synchronization with nFS is completed it will not disappoint me.

      If you are interested in learning more the web site is http://www.ancquest.com/ Of course the website won't have anything about nFS as they have not yet come out with the new version. I believe it won't happen until the nFS is rolled out everywhere and more beta testing has occurred. I read a list of the software companies that are working with the church on this synchronization but I don't know where it is. I know that Rootsmagic and AQ and FTM are only some of the programs that are involved.

      One point: AQ and most software programs are Window's based and won't work on Mac's. There is a program called Reunion that works on MAC and it is LDS Ordinance compatible. I don't know if they are trying to do the synchronization that these other programs are doing. I have helped people who have Reunion and there is a learning curve to it--it is nothing like PAF, but it seems to have great features.

      Leslie Vaughn

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      > >
      > >4. Purchase a third-party full-featured software program
      > >that supports automatic data synchronization with the new online
      > >system.
      > >
      > I would like to hear pros and cons of various software programs that
      fit this criteria - since I am only familiar with PAF
      > Thanks,
      > Peggy
      You will have to wait, these programs have not yet been released.

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