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RE: [FHCNET] Re:Recording children

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  • Janet Ballingham
    Amy you do record it on the family group
    Message 1 of 26 , Jan 9, 2008
      <<Amy said: If the child was adopted I dont believe you record it
      on the family group
      record. I could be wrong.>>

      Amy you do record it on the family group record. There you can if
      you want change the relationship in the parent link to show
      adopted. The help topic states:

      The default parent link is biological for the first set of parents
      and adopted for all others. If that is not correct, use the
      Parents screen to change it.

      1. On the Family View screen or Pedigree View screen, select the

      2. From the Edit menu, select Parents.

      3. From the Parent Link box, select the option that most
      accurately reflects the relationship.

      Tip: You might want to add an explanation in the notes.

      Hope this helps
      Janet B
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