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  • Terry & Sharon Turner
    Living people, you and I, have their (our) records in nFS! But I cannot see how nFS can replace PAF, as my view of nFS is that it is an ordinance based system.
    Message 1 of 35 , Jan 1 12:04 AM
      Living people, you and I, have their (our) records in nFS! But I cannot see
      how nFS can replace PAF, as my view of nFS is that it is an ordinance based
      system. Also, only your ward clerk can change your information - bit nerve
      wracking if you ask me! And uploads from membership records must have been
      done some years ago, as I was an assistant ward clerk (records) a while back
      and made sure my family's records were PERFECT, but they are missing 90% of
      event data in nFS, as well as spouses and children...

      I am a long way from being an expert, but one of the good things I have seen
      is that when you are registered for nFS, you have a user profile, with some
      preferences attached. One of these preferences asks you if you would like to
      "reserve" names that you upload by gedcom. If your "cousin" does his
      duplicate combining correctly he will see that you have reserved the
      ordinance work for yourself, and thus cannot "steal" it... You will own the
      information you add to nFS, and you will be able to edit it. Otherwise your
      'cousin" will have to dispute it. Likewise you cannot edit information that
      belongs to him, in which case you will be the disputer. Does this sound
      logical? I am still going through my lot combining duplicates (it is not a
      trivial task), so I don't know what happens if you upload a gedcom for
      someone whose work has already been done. Some comment on this please from
      our more knowledgeable peers?

      I think that we will have to all be adults in this game soon (ever done any
      transactional analysis?) ie when your information is disputed, when
      everything is up and running and you are in contact with the disputer
      (contact info can be displayed beautifully in nFS) then you can argy bargy
      about who is right or wrong, and clear the dispute.

      We will have to get rid of the notion that this is MY ancestor, and accept
      that this is OUR ancestor, otherwise we will not progress in this work.

      I am sure that those temple districts that have gone live could share with
      us some of the problems they are hitting their heads against while teaching
      nFS to their wards - forewarned is forearmed! And perhaps share some of
      their lesson material, which must be evolving all the time!

      Terry in South Africa

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      Most of us have not had a look at nFS yet.. though I recall it being
      that nFS will NOT replace PAF! Were that so.. living people would have
      their records in nFS! I have the same "cousin" problem.. If I submit a
      first, then I am the submitter and my cousins can "dispute" the record,
      can NOT change it! Both birthdates (for example) would show up.. with one
      being shown as a dispute and anyone following in the future can see both
      dates and make their own conclusions.

      I think the original submitter of a name "owns" it, and can make changes,
      but that others may not. I was hoping that the data would be linked to the
      AF and PRF data, but that may not happen in the near future.

      FHC Pamplona, Spain

      On Dec 31, 2007 1:29 AM, Rebecca Christensen <rchristen@...>

      > Kathy had great suggestions, especially numbers 1-3. At this time, her
      > suggestion in number 4 (see below) isn't very practical as the
      > can be in constant flux. I have watched a family I had worked on become
      > corrupted by a distant cousin that there are now at least 5 generations
      > one line all combined into one person along with others not in the
      > line and some not even related to the line. (I have finally figured out
      > the person did it based on "following the instructions" but not
      > understanding them and using them in the proper way. One important step
      > separating the records of distinct individuals that had been combined
      > not completed first before combining additional records.) Each time I
      > at the family it has been changed again and now it has been changed so
      > that it is no longer possible to see any correct information for several
      > generations.
      > So until there is some way to stop others from corrupting the data while
      > they don't know what they are doing I wouldn't plan on having nFS be my
      > master copy.
      > Rebecca Christensen

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    • Nora Ray
      That is a good idea! One of them might even take a card for the original sister to do. Thanks, Nora M. Kathleen Felsted wrote: Hi
      Message 35 of 35 , Jan 3 2:53 PM
        That is a good idea! One of them might even take a card for the original sister to do.


        "M. Kathleen Felsted" <mkfelsted@...> wrote:
        Hi Nora,

        I can understand the not wanting to have the card - if I think I would lose
        them. If I were the FHC Director or other helper who is in the same
        situation, I would probably just hand these kind of cards out in RS or
        Priesthood, when a ward temple trip is coming up.


        On Jan 3, 2008 7:32 AM, Nora Ray <rays_1998@...> wrote:

        > I will print the cards but the Sister in question is in her eighties and
        > does not want the cards herself because she is afraid she will lose them. I
        > did not intentionally reserve her names; they were already on my reserved
        > list when I signed in to the real nFS the first time, along with quite a few
        > others. I reserved a couple of my own ancestors as a beta tester but not all
        > of those who are showing up now. There must be something in the way the
        > TempleReady disks were processed originally that translates to a reserved
        > status now.
        > Nora
        > Alan Whitcomb <alan.whitcomb@... <alan.whitcomb%40gmail.com>> wrote:
        > I will answer the question as to why the FHC Director might reserve
        > names,
        > etc.
        > In our FHC, as in others here, the people are still a bit
        > computer-phoebic.
        > Within the last year 3 different FHC Directors "lost" their yahoo emails,
        > and then could not retrieve their familysearch passwords. 4 other members
        > of
        > my branch have the same problem.
        > It´s the same as my submitting PRF files for others, but using my
        > familysearch account.
        > I can see why this is done.
        > Alan W.
        > On Jan 3, 2008 7:15 AM, M. Kathleen Felsted <mkfelsted@...<mkfelsted%40gmail.com>>
        > wrote:
        > > Nora,
        > >
        > > Maybe I don't understand your question, but why don't you print out the
        > > card
        > > and give it to the sister it belongs to?
        > >
        > > Kathie
        > >
        > > On Jan 2, 2008 6:47 PM, Nora Ray <rays_1998@...<rays_1998%40yahoo.com>>
        > wrote:
        > >
        > > > As a Director I have helped several older members with temple
        > > > submissions using TempleReady. When I checked my reserved list on nFS,
        > a
        > > few
        > > > of the people reserved under my name belong to one of those sisters. I
        > > think
        > > > I will push to get the work done as I can't figure out what else to
        > do!
        > > >
        > > > Nora
        > >
        > <snip>
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        M. Kathleen Felsted

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