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36938Re: [FHCNET] film readers and film ordering becoming obsolete?

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  • Puyallup Washington FHC
    Mar 1
      In one of the presentations at Rootstech 2017, it was said that only 7% of the records that the church has is online.  I cannot see these films going away anytime soon if there is that much information that we cannot get on line.


      Deane A. Burbank
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      On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 4:06 PM, 'Leslie Vaughn' Leslievaughn@... [FHCNET] <FHCNET@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Our little family history center has 3 film readers that have an ongoing problem with belts breaking.  I don’t think it is the readers, per se.  Just that we have some new old stock belts that have been disintegrating on the shelf.
      Our FM group thought we might have a reader problem so they brought us a reader from a down-sized FHC.  As soon it was put to use the belt broke on it and it is taking up space.  In an attempt to get belts, one of our staff contacted support after failing to get them from the FM group.  In his contact with support he mentioned the extra film reader that we really have no space for. 
      The response from support is here; I have redacted the case number and the full name of our staff member.  Otherwise it is all there except for the familysearch logo.
      My question:  Has anyone else heard anything about film ordering being stopped?
      I know that as time goes on there will be more and more on-line; but I was under the impression that the copyright holders of some of the records won’t ever allow the images to be on-line and that the only way to see the image is to view it on a film or to go to the repository.  I was also led to believe that it could be decades before all records that can be digitized will be and posted on familysearch.
      I am quite concerned about the response that our Brother Davis received.
      Leslie Vaughn
      Dear ,,,,,,,,,Davis,
      Thank you for contacting the FamilySearch support team. Your support case #02816800 has been updated.
      You can view your case details, including relevant knowledge articles in the Help Center by clicking the link below. You may be required to sign in.
      This is your original case description:

      This is as per the Manager of the Equipment Department:
      • If two of the readers are currently working, and they never have anyone waiting to use the third, they should just give the 3rd reader to the FM group to recycle.  Film ordering will be going away eventually and now is a great time to start removing unneeded readers.  Since the other 2 are currently working, there is no need to send any belts to them at this time.
      If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us directly by phone or chat. Click on <https://familysearch.org/ask/ help> for details.
      ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------------
      Please retain this Case identification number in all replies:


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