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  • joyce brannan
    Jun 16, 2014
      Anyone who thinks all the Family History resources are available at home has not been using the portal.  There are several very useful databases that can only be accessed in a Family History Center.  Fold3 has a lot of military records that can only be gotten from them (or going to the National Archives).

      On Friday, May 16, 2014 11:41 AM, "tmason1@... [FHCNET]" <FHCNET@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I guess I have not expressed myself clearly or we have move from the original point.

      The plan for OUR salvation requires that our nuclear family participate in family history work of some sort all of our lives. We are responsible to turn our hearts to our fathers.

      Correctly worded teaching objectives state what the LEARNER will be doing not what the teacher does when teaching.

      Leaders are to teach members that participating in family history work essential to their salvation means taking their family names to the temple through family history efforts.

      Stated as a teaching objectives: The goal (objective) of Missionary work is to bring the children of Israel into the covenant waters of baptism. Then the next objective is to help those newly baptized to continue their progression by making covenants in the temple and redeeming their dead.

      Page 3 of the Leader's Guide states, "Priesthood leaders provide doctrinal and administrative direction to temple and family history work. Their direction is essential to lead members to the temple through family history efforts. They teach members and encourage them to attend the temple and participate in family history work. ... Members are to PARTICIPATE in family history work by identifying relatives, requesting temple ordinances for them if needed, and perform the ordinances themselves if possible."

      It would seem that if the department evaluation criteria is that 97 percent of our families are not submitting Family Ordinance Request (FOR) forms, then (1) our Bishops, Stake Presidents, High Priest Group leaders and ward councils are not effective teacher and (2) our center staff and Family History consultants are not effective teachers either.

      Page 19 of the Leader's Guide states, "The High Priest Group Leader ENSURES that consultants are properly prepared to perform their callings and makes them aware of the training resources at FamilySearch.org/serve." How does he ensure they are prepared?

      Do YOU, a Family History Center director, honestly think that the training resources on the computer from FamilySearch does the job of adequately preparing your staff and ward consultants to do their callings? Is there a difference between being entertained by a computer lessons and doing the calling? Does your answer suggest you have a training responsibility to your staff?

      Look at page 21 in the 2013 FHC Operations Guide. Have your staff learned about the 21 items listed on that page? Are they "properly prepared?" On page 22 it outlines what the family history consultant is to be able to do and what the director should do to help them be successful. As a director, are you ensuring the success of your staff and the ward consultants that you serve?

      Please pardon my boldness, but I repeat my original message that started this thread:

      As a FHC director, in what way are you helping each of the priesthood leaders who hold the keys to the work, to engage the 97 percent to be Saviors on Mount Zion? I think our primary focus in the FH center should be to train (educate) center staff and ward family history consultants to help members participate in family history and temple work.

      Terry Mason
      Clermont FL

      ---In FHCNET@yahoogroups.com, <thomas.j.kemp> wrote :

      The explanation and discussion of the 2.3% jumping to 2.7% was also presented at RootsTech 2014 - by Elder Allan Packer and other speakers. 

      The 2.3% was the percentage of members who submitted at least one name for Temple work in 2012 ... that number went up to 2.7% in 2013. 

      As we know - the quarterly reports now include the number of members submitting a name for Temple work each quarter. That number is not supplied by the wards/stakes - it is automatically reported by Salt Lake and simply appears in the quarterly report with the data that is supplied by the wards/stakes. 

      We are now tracking two statistics each quarter: Number of Members (adults and youth) who submit names for Temple work; Number of converts (12 and older) who submit names for Temple work. 

      Emil Hanson asked how that is done - FamilySearch knows who is submitting names for Temple work along with the ward and stake that they live in. The system itself then generates those numbers - based on the actual submitter - and reports them back to each stake. 

      This is discussed here: 

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