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23982Some nFS news.

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  • James W Anderson
    Mar 13, 2009
      Today they held the BYU Computerized Genealogy Conference. This was part one, so there will be some more tomorrow.

      nFS news items.

      Expect more software products to be 'FamilySearch Certified' by early next year at the latest, will more than double the number of products that will work with nFS, including a Mac item or two. MacFamilyTree is working with them, and there are iPhone applications that will work with nFS in the works too. No updates planned for PAF itself for Macs.

      They want to get as many people to start using the Family Tree on labs.familysearch.org as possible, all the development except where needed to maintain the original nFS is going from the present nFS to the Family Tree.

      1.7 pageviews a day for nFS.

      No timetable for Wasatch Front rollout. Huge boner in the mailroom at Church HQ though, not only did they send rollout info to Twin Falls stakes, but everyone in Idaho Falls got the packets mailed to them too, this was premature, took them two days to find the mailing error.

      The Wasatch Front will more than double the present user base of nFS. So all the reports of a staged rollout are very much as close to accurate as possible.

      The Family Tree program will be updated next week, when it is, when you clear names in it and you print a FOR, it will be a PDF. That way, if you want someone else to do the work and they need the FOR to take to print the cards, you can email it to them. Should also print nicer too.

      Wasatch Front temples should get nFS software in the next few months, so they can do the staged rollout.