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20958Processing names in Order in nFS

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  • T. Mason
    Jun 1, 2008
      --- In message 20926 posted on Thu May 29, 2008, Jacob Edwards
      <jdaddy3@...> wrote:
      > The answer is found on page 184 in the NFS user's guide.
      > Sequence of Ordinances
      > Please perform temple ordinances in the correct sequence. This is
      as follows:
      > • Baptism
      > • Confirmation
      > • Ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood for males
      > • Initiatory ordinances
      > • Endowment
      > • Sealing of a husband and wife and sealing of children to parents
      (if possible.) Whenever possible, parents should be sealed to each
      other before their children are sealed to them.
      > Although vicarious ordinances performed out of sequence are valid,
      they become effective only after the prerequisite ordinances are

      ISSUE: There have been ordinance cards printed as extraction records
      and then not processed for many years. That restricts the processing
      of children being sealed to their parents. Sometimes cards have been
      printed and lost before an endowment and the rest of the ordinances
      are done. Such record have been in the IGI as "Cleared" for years.

      QUESTION: What do you recommend should be done to free up these names
      so that ordinances can be done allowing us to complete the binding of
      all family members together?

      Terry Mason
      Clermont, Florida
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