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20951RE: [FHCNET] NFS and Submitting Shared information

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  • Alan Jones
    May 30, 2008
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      He was probably talking about the problem that has happened in the past
      where people uploaded their materials to commercial sites such as Family
      Tree Maker, where they offer free storage space but in the fine print it
      says they can make a CD with everything on their site and sell it. There was
      a large fuss over this a while ago, and law suits. The sites involved
      changed their policies and I have not heard of any new such offenses.
      There are sites such as FamilySearch.org that are very committed to NOT
      making money off what people post. But we need to keep in mind that the
      names/dates/places are already in the public domain. Someone could go
      through the Census' and create a file and sell it, even if it had your
      family on it. That is totally legal. If however, you have organized it,
      documented it, etc. You automatically have a copyright and if others sold
      it, you could sue them.

      Of course when we do post things to the web (temple ordinances or others) we
      don't include things like social security numbers, etc. So personal stuff
      is never compromised.

      I would tend to respond to the person and says something like: yes, I know
      we need to be careful posting to the internet because some websites are more
      interested in money than genealogy. Luckily there are a few websites that
      can be trusted and it allows us to find other relatives who are also
      researching our same family line, such as FamilySearch.org, etc. Assure him
      that while some of your records may be on a website you would never post it
      where the materials would be taken advantage of.

      That's my opinion.


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      Today he sent me a gedcom with all his research on the family well
      documented in Notes. Some of the documentation is my material sent
      to him, but most is his or his family's own research. He has been
      able to provide me answers to many of my own questions. It is
      wonderful. Here is my dilemma: In the last email with the gedcom
      attachment he said this, "Please don't upload to the net. It is
      criminal how those guys take it then sell it!"

      I have never uploaded any gedcoms to public websites EXCEPT for NFS.
      I have no intention of uploading his gedcom anywhere (so please don't
      start posting all the reasons not to upload a gedcom because of
      duplication, etc.). I was planning to add to my PAF file the family
      information that I don't already have after checking his sources. I
      was then intended to submit the family names for temple
      ordinances like I have for the rest of the family I have researched.
      They all fall properly into the guidelines posted in the NFS user's
      guide. Entering them into NFS, however, seems to be doing
      just what he asked me not to do.

      I've never before thought of it that way. I am the only member of
      the church working on this line (as far as I know). I've never
      thought before of my temple submissions going into the public
      domain. When NFS goes public in a few years all the work will be
      linked and sources and notes will be available as well. While that
      is great as far as I'm concerned, I'm afraid this gentleman and his
      family might not feel the same way.

      I've never told any of my internet contacts I was LDS and doing
      family history research with the goal of submitting family names for
      temple ordinances. I admit I am afraid the well will dry up, and I
      will be cut off from future correspondence and vital information.
      How do the rest of you handle these kinds of situations? I don't
      want to offend nor betray his trust.

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