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20942Re: [FHCNET] my wife and I

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  • Leslie Vaughn
    May 30, 2008
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      I don't know why her parents aren't showing but your parents and your ancestors shouldn't be showing when you sign on as her helper because you are living. You would just need to link your parents to you when you are signed on as her helper and that should put your ancestors on her chart. Again, I would go to the membership clerk to see what they have on her, because her living member children and her dead member (or proxy work done for her) parents should be linked to her. It should be an easy fix to add her parents to her. It is just a puzzlement as to why they aren't on there when she (you as helper) sign in.


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      Thanks Leslie, good try. No parents are living. I would expect to find
      that helping her would display the same information as helping myself. It
      does not. As our parents are linked to us on my data and as the same people
      (my wife and I) are on her data I would expect to see them. Her data shows
      she and me and that is all. Her id number is the same in both cases.

      Still looking for ideas.


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      Is your father alive? If he is, he is not searchable. If your father is
      dead you just need to link him to you when you are signed in as your wife's
      helper. Then you should be able to see him and his linked ancestors. If
      your father is living, as your wife's helper, you can add him and link him
      to you and to his deceased ancestor. ( I know if he is living, he is
      already in there, but you cannot search for and link a living person)

      You cannot search for any living person in nFS. Also your wife cannot see
      any living person except you, her children and her parents and her siblings
      if they are church members. If her children are minors or are adult members
      of the church you should be able to see them. If you cannot, you should
      have your wife go to the membership clerk to see what shows when he pulls up
      her membership records. If her children are not showing on the membership
      records, that needs to be corrected.

      Hope this helps

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      Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 10:27 AM
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      Subject: [FHCNET] my wife and I

      I have been doing some exploring and wanted to learn more about the 'helper'
      function. So I signed on to help my wife. But I see only her record and
      mine. No parents no siblings no children and yet when I sign on as myself I
      see all of her and my parents and siblings and children and further.

      From her helper login I search for my father and he is not to be found. Yet
      he is there.



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