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  • T. Mason
    Aug 26, 2007
      --- In FHCNET@yahoogroups.com, therese logan <therese.logan@...>
      > We recently had stake training by the regional FHC director. He
      said the southeast temples would be next after Orlando. Haven't
      received any info yet so was wondering if anyone knows what the
      status of the southeast is.
      > gturn55 <gturn55@...> wrote:
      > The training must only be available to registered consultants in
      the Temple districts coming online. I am registered and those lessons
      are not available to me yet. (In Salt Lake County)
      > --- In FHCNET@yahoogroups.com, Penney Devey <padevey@> wrote:
      > > Training is available to the registered consultants via a login.
      In our Orlando Temple district, registered FHC directors, consultants
      and Priesthood Leaders had access to on-line training in the new
      FamilySearch for about 60 days before we received our announcement.
      We then received the written announcement about 30 days before the
      roll-out date. At that point all those who had pre-registered have
      been able to go into the new FS ahead of all members in the temple
      district. Did all pre-register and were they ready for a big start?
      Sorry to say, almost all had procrastinated. There seems to be so
      much calling for the attention of our people.

      The program will be wonderful and overwhelming when it is fully
      developed and all are using it. BUT RIGHT NOW, it has some problems
      that are being correctly addressed. For example, if you find
      information that you originally contributed, and would like to claim
      it so that you can edit, correct, or delete it - at this time the
      process to claim that personal id ownership function is not working.
      Another example is that the entry fields for notes and source actual
      text are restricted which limits the ability to collaborate with
      others. Another example is that when a name is accidentally or
      purposely reserved for ordinance work, there is no means to ever
      return it back so that others can have opportunity to select that
      name to do the ordinance. Either it must be released to Temple File
      or the individual selecting the name must process it. That has
      implications about whether you as a consultant would help an
      inexperienced youth register without parental permission. A final
      example is that when you submit a name for ordinance work, there is
      no means for you to update your own database using a syncrony program
      such as PAF Insight. You will have to manually type data into your
      personal records to keep it current. So don't be too anxious to
      hasten the program roll out to your district.

      It may be "awhile" before another district is allowed to register. As
      Jim Anderson reported on July 31, "before the Wasatch Front is
      allowed to register, the program will have gone through at least two
      major updates between now and late next summer. I like some of you,
      struggle to be patient, but the department wants the program to work
      as it is designed. It is important that when it does roll out that it
      works so that we all start by learning correct habits and procedures.
      What in the meantime should be done to prepare? (1st) Get
      consultants/staff to register at consultant.familysearch.org and get
      Priesthood leaders who oversee temple and family history work to
      register at priesthood.familysearch.org for the E-learning courses.
      The new FamilySearch course will be added about 90 days before your
      district rolls out. (2nd) Teach each family in your ward and stake to
      verify the accuracy of their family history records.

      Terry Mason, Director
      Clermont FL FHC
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