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  • singhals
    Aug 26 8:47 AM
      I think part of it is the different terms used by different
      disciplines of study -- when I was taking Cultural
      Geography, I found it mildly amusing that Savannah wasn't on
      the savannah, and that Tidewater Virginia wasn't where the
      Virginians think it is. Then Sociology wanted to divide the
      country another way, Linquistics another, geologists have a
      completely different set of terms, marketing slices us up
      bizarrely, and Census Bureau as always hears a different
      drummer ...

      Who AM I and what am I doing where?! ;)


      Terri J. wrote:

      > Huh, guess it depends on who you ask, lol.
      > Charlotte's right next to SC and GA though, which I consider to definitely
      > be southeast (I mean, can't get much further south at that point and if you
      > need more east, then you're basically left with FL, so why bother saying
      > southeast? heehee). Guess I'd have to see the list of divisions to know for
      > sure where NC fits in. ;)
      > Is Utah midwest, for example? I know some people west of the Rockies that
      > think so, but others east of the Rockies don't. Ah well, we'll just have to
      > continue "patiently" waiting our turn, wherever we are in line. :P
      > -Terri J.
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      >>Uh, gals? Aren't Charlotte and Raleigh part of the Mid-Atlantic? (g)
      >> Cheryl

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